Cytotoxic cucurbitane triterpenoids isolated from the rhizomes of Hemsleya amabilis.


Two new cucurbitane triterpenoids, 7β-hydroxycucurbitacin F-25-O-acetate (1) and 2β,3β,20(S),26,27-pentahydroxy-16α,23(S)-epoxycucurbita-5,24-dien-11-one (2) along with eleven known cucurbitane triterpenoids (3-13, resp.) were isolated from the rhizomes of Hemsleya amabilis Diels. The chemical structures of the new isolated compounds were elucidated unambiguously by spectroscopic data analysis. The cytotoxic activities of the isolated cucurbitane triterpenoids were evaluated against the HeLa human cancer cell lines. Hemslecin A (5), the main ingredient of H. amabilis, exhibited the significant cytotoxicity with IC50 value of 0.389 μM.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fitote.2014.01.014
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