Cytotoxic activity of human pulmonary alveolar macrophages.

  title={Cytotoxic activity of human pulmonary alveolar macrophages.},
  author={June Kan-Mitchell and J C Hengst and Raymond A. Kempf and R K Rothbart and Stephen M. Simons and Alan S. Brooker and V L Kortes and Malcolm S. Mitchell},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={45 1},
The functions of human pulmonary alveolar macrophages (PAMs) have been relatively little studied compared with those of their circulating counterparts, blood monocytes. This study examined the ability of human PAMs to kill primary human tumor cell cultures and control normal fibroblasts in vitro. PAMs were derived by bronchial lavage from patients with lung cancer of various histological types and stages, patients with acute or chronic noncancerous pulmonary disorders, and subjects with a… CONTINUE READING