Cytotoxic Triterpenoid Saponins Acetylated with Monoterpenoid Acid from Albizia julibrissin

  title={Cytotoxic Triterpenoid Saponins Acetylated with Monoterpenoid Acid from Albizia julibrissin},
  author={Kun Zou and Qin Zhang and Bin Wang and Jing-rong Cui and Yu-ying Zhao and Ru-yi Zhang},
  journal={Helvetica Chimica Acta},
Three new triterpenoid saponins, named julibroside J16 (2), julibroside J17 (3), and julibroside J21 (4), each of which possesses an oleanane triterpenoid aglycone of acacic acid, two monoterpenoid acids, and nine sugar moieties, together with one known saponin, julibroside II (1), were isolated from the stem bark of Albizia julibrissin by chromatographic methods. Their structures were established by chemical and spectroscopic means. Saponins 1, 2, and 4 showed inhibitory activities against Bel… 
A review of acacic acid-type saponins from Leguminosae-Mimosoideae as potent cytotoxic and apoptosis inducing agents
Some AATS can be useful in the search for new potential antitumor agents from Fabaceae, and the sequence 28-O-{Glc-(1→3)-[Araf)-1→2)-Glc-Acacic acid}, often encountered in the genera Acacia, Albizia, Archidendron, and Pithecellobium may represent a chemotaxonomic marker of the Mimosoideae subfamily.
New Cytotoxic Triterpenoid Saponins from the Roots of Albizia gummifera (J.F.Gmel.) C.A.Sm.
Flow cytometric analyses showed that saponins 1 – 3 induced apoptosis of human epidermoid cancer cell (A431) in a dose‐dependent manner.
New triterpenoid saponin from the stems of Albizia adianthifolia (Schumach.) W.Wight
The pro-apoptotic activity of the new isolated saponin 1 was evaluated, using Annexin V-FITC binding assay, on the A431 human epidermoid cancer cell and showed that adianthifolioside J (1) displayed weak pro-APoptoticActivity.
Structural determination of two new acacic acid-type saponins from the stem barks of Albizia zygia (DC.) J. F. Macbr
Two new oleanane-type saponins, named zygiaosides C–D (1–2), are established on the basis of extensive analysis of 1D and 2D NMR experiments and chemical evidence.


Three anti-tumor saponins from Albizia julibrissin.
Diastereoisomeric saponins from Albizia julibrissin.
An antitumor compound julibroside J28 from Albizia julibrissin.
Three New Triterpenoidal Saponins Acylated with Monoterpenic Acid from Albizziae Cortex
The structures of Julibrosides I, II, and III, isolated from dried stem bark of Albizzia julibrissin DURAZZ (Albizziae Cortex), were characterized as complex triterpenoidal glycosides linked to the
A New Isomer of Julibroside J2 from Albizia julibrissin
Abstract A new isomer of Julibroside J2 (Chen, S.P., Zhang, R.Y., Ma, L.B. and Tu, G.Z. Acta Pharm. Sinica, 1997, 32, 110–115) was obtained from the cytotoxic fraction of 95% ethanol extracts of stem
A triterpenoid saponin from Albizia julibrissin.
A triterpenoid saponin was obtained from the stem barks of Albizia julibrissin Durazz and named as Julibroside J26, based on the chemical and spectral methods.
A pair of isomeric saponins with cytotoxicity from Albizzia julibrissin
Two new saponins have been isolated from the stem barks of Albizzia julibrissin Durazz and show significant inhibition action against HeLa, Bel-7402 and MDA-MB-435 cancer cell lines in vitro.
NMR determination of the structure of Julibroside J1.
Julibroside J 8 -induced HeLa cell apoptosis through caspase pathway
It is suggested that julibroside J8 induces HeLa death through caspase pathway through which DNA fragmentation and nuclear damage are observed and DNA fragmentation was exhibited.