Cytotoxic Effects of Different Extracts and Latex of Ficus carica L. on HeLa cell Line

  title={Cytotoxic Effects of Different Extracts and Latex of Ficus carica L. on HeLa cell Line},
  author={Ghadam Ali Khodarahmi and Nasrollah Ghasemi and Farshid Hassanzadeh and Marzieh Safaie},
  booktitle={Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR},
It has been reported that latex and extracts of different species of Ficus are cytotoxic to some human cancerous cell lines. In this study, cytotoxicity of fruit and leaf extracts as well as the latex of Ficuscarica L. on HeLa cell line were evaluated. ethanolic extracts of leaves and fruits were prepared through percolation and ethyl acetate and dichloromethane extracts were prepared by reflux method. Cytotoxic effects of these extracts and latex against HeLa cell line were then examined… CONTINUE READING


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