Cytoskeleton and paclitaxel sensitivity in breast cancer: the role of beta-tubulins.

  title={Cytoskeleton and paclitaxel sensitivity in breast cancer: the role of beta-tubulins.},
  author={Stefania Tommasi and Anita Mangia and Rosanna Lacalamita and Antonia Bellizzi and Vita Fedele and Annalisa Chiriatti and Christopher Thomssen and Nancy Kendzierski and Agnese Latorre and Vito Lorusso and Francesco Schittulli and Francesco Zito and Maria Kavallaris and Angelo Virgilio Paradiso},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={120 10},
The antineoplastic effect of paclitaxel is mainly related to its ability to bind the beta subunit of tubulin, thus preventing tubulin chain depolarization and inducing apoptosis. The relevance of the Class I beta-tubulin characteristics have also been confirmed in the clinical setting where mutations of paclitaxel-binding site of beta-tubulin Class I have been related to paclitaxel resistance in non small cell lung and ovarian cancers. In the present study, we verified the hypothesis of a… CONTINUE READING
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