Cytoskeleton and morphogenesis in brown algae.

  title={Cytoskeleton and morphogenesis in brown algae.},
  author={Christos I Katsaros and Demosthenes Karyophyllis and B Galatis},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={97 5},
BACKGROUND Morphogenesis on a cellular level includes processes in which cytoskeleton and cell wall expansion are strongly involved. In brown algal zygotes, microtubules (MTs) and actin filaments (AFs) participate in polarity axis fixation, cell division and tip growth. Brown algal vegetative cells lack a cortical MT cytoskeleton, and are characterized by centriole-bearing centrosomes, which function as microtubule organizing centres. SCOPE Extensive electron microscope and immunofluorescence… CONTINUE READING


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