Cytoplasmic streaming in C. elegans: Forces that drive oogenesis

  title={Cytoplasmic streaming in C. elegans: Forces that drive oogenesis},
  author={Vidya V. Menon and Mandar M. Inamdar and Anirban Sain},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
In the gonad of C. elegans worms, germ cells form the outer lining of the central tube, the rachis, which carries a cytoplasmic flow. The porous interface between the germ cells and rachis allows a radial flow of cytoplasm across the interface. In the upstream, the flow at the interface is radially inwards boosting the main cytoplasmic flow in the rachis, while in the downstream the flow is radially outward feeding the germ cells to become oocytes. We analyze the cytoplasmic flow in the rachis… 



Hydrodynamic property of the cytoplasm is sufficient to mediate cytoplasmic streaming in the Caenorhabiditis elegans embryo

It is demonstrated that the hydrodynamic properties of the cytoplasm are sufficient to mediate the forces generated by the cortical myosin to drive bidirectional streaming throughout the cy toplasm in C. elegans embryos.

Bayesian Inference of Forces Causing Cytoplasmic Streaming in Caenorhabditis elegans Embryos and Mouse Oocytes

A computational method was developed that used cytoplasm hydrodynamics to infer the spatial distribution of shear stress at the cell cortex induced by active force generators from experimentally obtained flow field of cy toplasmic streaming and determined the shear-stress distribution that quantitatively reproduces in vivo flow fields in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos and mouse oocytes during meiosis II.

Actin-dependent cytoplasmic streaming in C. elegans oogenesis

This study shows that oocyte enlargement in C. elegans differs significantly from that in Drosophila, where a small number of specialized nurse cells expel their contents into the enlarging oocyte.

Cytoplasmic streaming in Drosophila oocytes varies with kinesin activity and correlates with the microtubule cytoskeleton architecture

It is suggested that the disordered character of transport at mid-oogenesis, as revealed by streaming, is an important component of the localization dynamics of the body plan determinant oskar mRNA.

Mechano-logical model of C. elegans germ line suggests feedback on the cell cycle

A dynamic, 3D in silico model of the C. elegans germ line predicts that adult germ cells are subject to a mechanical feedback on the cell cycle akin to contact inhibition, and is applicable to modeling other developmental and stem cell systems.

Cytoplasmic Streaming in the Drosophila Oocyte.

  • M. Quinlan
  • Biology
    Annual review of cell and developmental biology
  • 2016
The underlying mechanism of streaming, how slow and fast streaming are differentiated, and what the authors know about the physiological roles of the two types of streaming are discussed are discussed.

A dynamic physical model of cell migration, differentiation and apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans.

A technique based on molecular dynamics to model the physical movement of cells solely based on the force that arises from dividing cells enables calibration of simulation and experimental time and provides insights into kinetics of molecular pathways within individual cells as well as into physical aspects like the cell density along the germ line and in local neighbourhoods of individual germ cells.

A model of cytoplasmically driven microtubule-based motion in the single-celled Caenorhabditis elegans embryo

The simulations show pronuclear migration, and moreover, a robust pronuclear centration and rotation very similar to that observed in vivo, and the confinement provided by the eggshell significantly affects the internal dynamics of the cytoplasm.