Cytoplasmic polarity develops at compaction in rat and mouse embryos.

  title={Cytoplasmic polarity develops at compaction in rat and mouse embryos.},
  author={W J Reeve},
  journal={Journal of embryology and experimental morphology},
  • W J Reeve
  • Published 1981 in Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
Cells of both rat and mouse morulae can be stained vitally to reveal an asymmetry in the organization of their cytoplasm. In each cell of the rat 8-cell-embryo a column of organelles develops between the nucleus and the embryo periphery as revealed by toluidine blue, acridine orange and horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Although cells of the mouse morula lack the blatant asymmetric distribution of organelles observed in rat cells, a long pulse (greater than 3 h) of HRP to compact 8-cell mouse… CONTINUE READING