Cytoplasmic dynein LC8 interacts with lyssavirus phosphoprotein.

  title={Cytoplasmic dynein LC8 interacts with lyssavirus phosphoprotein.},
  author={Yves Jacob and Hassan Badrane and P E Ceccaldi and No{\"e}l Tordo},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={74 21},
Using a yeast two-hybrid human brain cDNA library screen, the cytoplasmic dynein light chain (LC8), a 10-kDa protein, was found to interact strongly with the phosphoprotein (P) of two lyssaviruses: rabies virus (genotype 1) and Mokola virus (genotype 3). The high degree of sequence divergence between these P proteins (only 46% amino acid identity) favors the hypothesis that this interaction is a common property shared by all lyssaviruses. The P protein-dynein LC8 interaction was confirmed by… CONTINUE READING
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