[Cytoplasmic channel-forming factor of rat liver].


A component capable of modifying bilayer phospholipid membranes (BPM) with the formation of conductivity channels was found in the fraction cytoplasmic proteins of the rat liver. Cation-anionic selectivity of channels depending on medium pH and cation type was studied. Current voltage characteristics of single channel is extremely asymmetric. It is… (More)


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@article{Krasilnikov1983CytoplasmicCF, title={[Cytoplasmic channel-forming factor of rat liver].}, author={O. V. Krasil'nikov and V I Ternovskiĭ and Rustam Azimov and Bekjan A Tashmukhamedov}, journal={Biofizika}, year={1983}, volume={28 4}, pages={663-5} }