Cytoplasmic and Transmembrane Domains ofIntegrin ßl and ß3 Subunits Are Functionally Interchangeable


Integrin ß subunits combine with specific sets of a subunits to form functional adhesion receptors . The structure and binding properties of integrins suggest the presence of domains controlling at least three major functions : subunit association, ligand binding, and cytoskeletal interactions . To more carefully define structure/function relationships, a… (More)


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@inproceedings{Solowska2002CytoplasmicAT, title={Cytoplasmic and Transmembrane Domains ofIntegrin \ssl and \ss3 Subunits Are Functionally Interchangeable}, author={Joanna M. Solowska and Jonathan Edelman and Steven M. Albelda}, year={2002} }