Cytopathology of exocrine pancreatic carcinoma in effusions.

  title={Cytopathology of exocrine pancreatic carcinoma in effusions.},
  author={Lu{\'i}gi Di Bonito and S Dudine and Giovanni Falconieri},
  journal={Acta cytologica},
  volume={35 3},
The cytomorphologic features were analyzed in 26 fluid samples (18 peritoneal and 8 pleural fluids) obtained in vivo from 20 patients with pancreatic carcinoma. All tumors were ductal adenocarcinomas, as proven histologically on autopsy samples. The basic cytomorphologic pattern in the smears was that of a malignant glandular tumor, consisting of cell groups with various degrees of cohesiveness. The most prominent feature was a linear arrangement (the so-called "Indian file") of tumor cells… CONTINUE READING