Cytomegalovirus polyradiculoneuropathy in acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

  title={Cytomegalovirus polyradiculoneuropathy in acquired immune deficiency syndrome.},
  author={Roger Behar and Clayton Wiley and John McCutchan},
  volume={37 4},
A 34-year-old homosexual man with acquired immune deficiency syndrome developed extraocular muscle deficits, chorioretinitis, and paraplegia without sensory symptoms. EMG showed severe diffuse denervation, but only mildly slowed nerve conduction velocities, in both legs. Meningitis persisted for 6 weeks and was exacerbated prior to the patient's death. Necropsy revealed subpial and subependymal cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. Histology of ventral roots demonstrated proximal CMV infection and… CONTINUE READING