Cytological studies on some species in genus Pennisetum

  title={Cytological studies on some species in genus Pennisetum},
  author={K. P. S. Sisodia},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
Detailed microsporogenesis in 4 species of the genus Pennisetum namely P. typhoides (n = 7), P. longistylum (n = 18), P. polystachyon (n = 27) and P. pedicellatum (n = 27) was studied. Nature of chromosome pairing was critically studied and pairing was regular in diploid and allotetraploid species. Some multivalents formation occurred in segmental allopolyploids. They displayed numerous meiotic irregularities. Aberrant meiosis in the material is evaluated. The role of apomixis, hybridization… CONTINUE READING

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