Cytological analysis of mycelial incompatibility in Rosellinia necatrix.

  title={Cytological analysis of mycelial incompatibility in Rosellinia necatrix.},
  author={Kanako Ikeda Inoue and Satoko Kanematsu and Pyoyun Park and Kenichi Ikeda},
  journal={Fungal biology},
  volume={115 1},
When the mycelia of Rosellinia necatrix encounter mycelia with a different genetic background, distinct barrage lines form. In this study, we observed hyphal interactions between compatible and incompatible R. necatrix pairs by means of light and electron microscopy. Although we observed perfect hyphal anastomosis in compatible pairs of isolates, the hyphae never anastomosed in incompatible pairs (i.e., the hyphae remained parallel or crossed over without merging). These behaviours appeared to… CONTINUE READING