Cytologic diagnosis by fibergastroscopic abrasion

  title={Cytologic diagnosis by fibergastroscopic abrasion},
  author={Yoshihiro Sugiura and Kunio Nagata and Tomoaki Takai and Takashi Suzuki and Katsuji Hayashi},
  journal={Gastroenterologia Japonica},
Abrasive sponge method was applied in 83 cases of gastr ic carc inoma and 11 cases of gastr ic ulcer under fibergastroscopic control, and obtained specimens were examined cytologically. The resul ts were as follows: Cancer cells were posit ive in 77 out of 83 cases of gastr ic carc inoma including 17 cases of ear ly cancer. According to the site of cancer, cancer cells were found in 100% of cases with cancer of gast r ic body, 96% of angle, 92% of an t rum and 67% of pylorus respectively… CONTINUE READING