Cytolethal distending toxin: a bacterial bullet targeted to nucleus.

  title={Cytolethal distending toxin: a bacterial bullet targeted to nucleus.},
  author={Masaru Ohara and E. T. Oswald and Motoyuki Sugai},
  journal={Journal of biochemistry},
  volume={136 4},
Cytolethal distending toxin (Cdt) is a newly added member of bacterial protein toxins that hijack the control system of eukaryotic cells. Cdts are produced by several pathogenic bacteria causing chronic infectious diseases. They are composed of three subunits, CdtA, CdtB and CdtC, which together form a ternary complex. CdtB is the active component, and CdtA and CdtC are involved in delivering the CdtB into the cells. The sophisticated strategy of Cdt to control host cells is CdtB-mediated… CONTINUE READING


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