Cytokines of the human reproductive tract.

  title={Cytokines of the human reproductive tract.},
  author={Monika Srivastava and Jack Lippes and Bejai I S Srivastava},
  journal={American journal of reproductive immunology},
  volume={36 3},
PROBLEM How is it possible that the female genital tract immunologically does not reject spermatooa not the preimplantation and nidating embryo? METHODS Four fluids of the human reproductive tract, i.e., human oviductal fluid (hOF), follicular fluid (FF), amniotic fluid (AF), and seminal plasma (SP) were investigated by specific ELISA for 18 cytokines. The concentrations, presence or absence of these compounds were evaluated for their possible role in the immunology of the reproductive… CONTINUE READING
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