Cytokines in gynecological cancer.

  title={Cytokines in gynecological cancer.},
  author={Angeliki Sarandakou and Iphigenia Phocas and Konstantinos Sikiotis and Demetrios A Rizos and Dimitris Botsis and K Kalambokis and Eftihios Trakakis and Athanassios Chryssikopoulos},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={17 5B},
BACKGROUND Cytokines are considered as part of host defence to infection or injury. MATERIAL AND METHODS Pretreatment values of TNF and sIL-2R were measured in 132 women with a) ovarian carcinoma (n = 25), b) breast cancer (n = 20), c) endometrial cancer (n = 15), d) cervical squamous cell carcinoma (n = 19), e) cervical adenocarcinoma (n = 11) and f) benign gynecological diseases (n = 42) in order to evaluate whether these cytokines could be useful in the discrimination of malignant from… CONTINUE READING