Cytokines as adjuvants for avian vaccines.

  title={Cytokines as adjuvants for avian vaccines.},
  author={Manija Asif and Kristie A. Jenkins and Louise S Hilton and Wayne G. Kimpton and Andrew G D Bean and John W. White Patrick R. Lowenthal},
  journal={Immunology and cell biology},
  volume={82 6},
The worldwide trend towards a reduced reliance on in-feed antibiotics has increased the pressure to develop alternative strategies to manage infectious diseases in poultry. With this in mind, there is a great emphasis on vaccine use and the enhancement of existing vaccines to provide long-term protection. Currently existing adjuvants for poultry can have deleterious side-effects, such as inflammation, resulting in the down-grading of meat quality and a subsequent reduction in profits. Therefore… CONTINUE READING

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