Cytokines / Chemokines at Mucosal Surfaces 1


MucosalImmunology | VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 | JUNE 2009 S1 nature publishing group Cytokines / Chemokines at muCosal surfaCes 1

DOI: 10.1038/mi.2009.37

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@article{Barone2009CytokinesC, title={Cytokines / Chemokines at Mucosal Surfaces 1}, author={Francesca Barone and Pritash Patel and J O Spencer and Betsy Chapin Taylor and Amy E. Troy and Colby Zaph and Yurong Du and Katherine J. Guild and Michael R. Comeau and David A. Artis}, journal={Mucosal Immunology}, year={2009}, volume={2}, pages={-} }