Cytokine repertoire during maturation of monocytes to macrophages within spheroids of malignant and non-malignant urothelial cell lines.


Terminal maturation of human blood monocytes to macrophages (MAC) in vivo is believed to be important for the morphology, antigen expression and functional activity of the resulting MAC population. This process is modulated by the specific tissue micro-environment to which blood monocytes migrate upon leaving the vasculature. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) are a special type of MAC, and little is known about the modulating capacity of the tumor environment on monocyte-to-MAC differentiation. By co-culturing 3-dimensional multicellular spheroids (MCS) of the urothelial-bladder-carcinoma cell lines J82 and RT4 with human monocytes/MAC we generated TAM in vitro. For comparison, monocytes/MAC were co-cultured with the non-tumorigenic urothelial cell line HCV29. The effects on monocyte differentiation were analyzed, particularly with respect to cytokine release. Monocyte maturation was modulated within the tumor spheroid dependent upon the tumor cell type. Monocytes co-cultured with MCS of the poorly differentiated J82 carcinoma spontaneously produced high amounts of IL-1beta and IL-6, but only low amounts of TNF-alpha, which could be further increased by the addition of LPS. This cytokine pattern is characteristic for monocytes and remained constant for up to 8 days in J82-MCS co-cultures. However, in RT4-MCS and HCV29-MCS co-cultures, the initial cytokine pattern changed and after 8 days corresponded well to that of MAC differentiated in vitro without tumor contact. In addition to functional parameters, we analyzed the morphology of J82-MCS-TAM and found that they displayed a monocyte-like morphology. Our data indicate that (1) tumor cells can influence monocyte-to-MAC differentiation, giving rise to TAM with monocyte-specific phenotypic properties; and (2) this capacity is dependent on the type of tumor cell.


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