Cytokine release assays: current practices and future directions.

  title={Cytokine release assays: current practices and future directions.},
  author={Deborah Finco and Christine Grimaldi and Madeline M. Fort and Mindi R Walker and Andrea Kiessling and Babette Wolf and Theodora W. Salcedo and Raffaella Faggioni and Amy K. Schneider and Alexander Ibraghimov and Susanne Scesney and Daniel M Serna and Rodney A. Prell and Richard J Stebbings and Padma Kumar Narayanan},
  volume={66 2},
As a result of the CD28 superagonist biotherapeutic monoclonal antibody (TGN 1412) "cytokine storm" incident, cytokine release assays (CRA) have become hazard identification and prospective risk assessment tools for screening novel biotherapeutics directed against targets having a potential risk for eliciting adverse pro-inflammatory clinical infusion reactions. Different laboratories may have different strategies, assay formats, and approaches to the reporting, interpretation, and use of data… CONTINUE READING

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