Cytokine levels in CSF and neuropsychological performance in HIV patients

  title={Cytokine levels in CSF and neuropsychological performance in HIV patients},
  author={Thorsten Nolting and Antje Lindecke and H C Hartung and Eleni Koutsilieri and Matthias Maschke and Ingo-W. Husstedt and Sieghart Sopper and Olaf St{\"u}ve and Gabriele Arendt},
  journal={Journal of NeuroVirology},
HIV-associated dementia and its precursors are frequently observed complications of HIV infection, even in the presence of combination antiretroviral treatment (cART). The development, surveillance and treatment of this condition are still not completely understood. Cytokines, as immunological transmitters, may be one key to gaining a deeper understanding of the disease. A total of 33 HIV-positive male patients were evaluated by neuropsychological testing, lumbar and venous puncture… CONTINUE READING
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