Cytokine interactions in human mixed lymphocyte culture.

  title={Cytokine interactions in human mixed lymphocyte culture.},
  author={S G Danzer and Holger Kirchner and Lothar Rink},
  volume={57 11},
Human PBMC of healthy blood donors were used to investigate the interaction of cytokines in human MLC. Two-way MLC was performed because irradiation did not influence the cytokine release. We found different kinetic patterns for IL-2, IFN-gamma, and sIL-2R. Production of IFN-gamma was dependent on IL-2 release because anti-IL-2 addition resulted in more than 90% reduced IFN-gamma levels. Treatment with rIL-2 altered IFN-gamma kinetics, but not the total amount of IFN-gamma. Addition of anti-IFN… CONTINUE READING


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