Cytokine-induced pseudopodial protrusion is coupled to tumour cell migration

  title={Cytokine-induced pseudopodial protrusion is coupled to tumour cell migration},
  author={Raouf Guirguis and Inger M. K. Margulies and Giulia Taraboletti and Elliott Schiffmann and Lance D Liotta},
Pseudopodia protrusion is a prominent feature of actively motile cells in vitro1,2 and invading tumour cells in vivo3; however, the function and regulation of pseudopodia are poorly understood. Tumour autocrine motility factor (AMF) represents a new class of cytokines which are secreted by tumour cells4 and embryonic cells5 and induce random motility in the producer cells or in heterologous cells with appropriate receptors. Here we report that a major effect of this factor is to induce the… CONTINUE READING

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