Cytokeratin expression in seminoma of the human testis.

  title={Cytokeratin expression in seminoma of the human testis.},
  author={John C. Cheville and S Rao and Kenneth A. Iczkowski and Christine Marie Lohse and V. Shane Pankratz},
  journal={American journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={113 4},
We studied cytokeratin (CK) expression immunohistochemically in 64 seminomas using a panel of commercially available antikeratin antibodies and tested for association of CK expression with patient age, tumor size, stage, and outcome. Seventeen embryonal carcinomas were compared with seminoma. CK7, CAM 5.2, AEI/AEIII, and wide-spectrum screening keratin (WSK) were positive in 41%, 30%, 36%, and 36% of the seminomas, respectively. CK20 and high-molecular-weight keratin (HMWK) were negative in all… CONTINUE READING