Cytogenetics of synthetic 6x amphiploids of Avena

  title={Cytogenetics of synthetic 6x amphiploids of Avena},
  author={K. C. Dalal},
iv INTRODUCTION 1 REVIEW OF LITERATURE 2 Phenomena Which May be Related to Mosaicism in Vegetative Tissues 2 Chromosome Mosaicism in Generative Tissue 26 MATERIALS AND METHODS 37 Planting of Seeds 37 Treating Seeds with Colchicine 38 Cytological Techniques 38 EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 40 Two Tetraploids Derived from Synthetic 6x Amphiploids of the Triploid Hybrid of Avena abyssinica C.I. 2108 x A. strigosa C.I. 7010 40 Chromosome Numbers in Root-tip' cells of A. and A^ Generation… Expand
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