Cytogenetic survey of 32 cancers of the prostate.

  title={Cytogenetic survey of 32 cancers of the prostate.},
  author={Soenke Arps and Alexander Rodewald and Bernhard Schmalenberger and Peder Carl and Max Bressel and Hartwig Kastendieck},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={66 2},
Cytogenetic studies after short-term culture were performed on 32 adenocarcinomas of the prostate from patients without prior treatment. The tumor specimens, ranging from stage B1 to D1, were obtained by radical prostatectomy or diagnostic biopsies. Fourteen tumors showed a normal diploid chromosome complement in all metaphases examined. Clonal chromosomal alterations were detected in 16 tumor samples and the remaining two cases contained double minute (dmin) chromosomes in some cells. The most… CONTINUE READING