Cytogenetic study on genotoxicity of antitumor-antibiotic

  title={Cytogenetic study on genotoxicity of antitumor-antibiotic},
  author={C Mitomycin and Yogesh Ashok Sontakke and Ratna R Fulzele},
Mitomycin C (MMC) is antitumor-antibiotic, currently in use for treatment of various solid tumors. The effect of different dosages of MMC was tested in human lymphocyte culture after exposure for different duration. The exposure of 0.05μg/ml MMC for 24 hours was not sufficient to induce mitotic inhibition and chromosomal aberrations. The cells exposed to concentration 2.0μg/ml and above for last 24 hours showed complete inhibition of mitotic activity. Low concentration exposure for long… CONTINUE READING