Cytogenetic study of a testicular tumor in a translocation (13;14) carrier.

  title={Cytogenetic study of a testicular tumor in a translocation (13;14) carrier.},
  author={I A Saikevych and Martha Mayer and Vicki Brooks and S Michael},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={26 2},
We performed chromosomal analysis of a primary testicular tumor from an individual who, on subsequent analysis of peripheral blood, was found to have a balanced (13q14q) translocation. Histologically, the tumor was a mixed germ cell neoplasm, predominantly embryonal carcinoma, with some teratomatous elements. The modal chromosome count of the tumor cells was 62, with most counts ranging from 54 to 66. In addition to a t(13q14q) chromosome (of constitutional origin), nine nonrandomly acquired… CONTINUE READING