Cytogenetic studies with dichlorvos in mice and chinese hamsters

  title={Cytogenetic studies with dichlorvos in mice and chinese hamsters},
  author={Brian J Dean and E. Thorpe},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Toxikologie},
Mice were exposed to atmospheres containing vapour concentrations of 64 to 72 μg dichlorvos per litre for 16 h, or to 5 μg per litre for 21 days. Chinese hamsters were exposed by the inhalation and oral routes to high concentrations of dichlorvos. In chromosome preparations made from bone marrow and spermatocytes following exposure, the incidence of chromosome abnormalities did not differ from the control value. Endoxan, used as a positive control substance, caused chromatid aberrations in bone… CONTINUE READING