Cytogenetic studies of four hemangiopericytomas.


We report cytogenetic studies on four hemangiopericytomas using in situ culture and robotic harvesting. Simple clonal chromosome abnormalities were observed in each of the three successful tumors. A cerebral tumor had a nonconstitutional 46,XX,t(7;12)(p15;q15) karyotype. A recurrent cerebral tumor had two cell lines: one with a 46,XY,t(2;12)(p13;q24.1) karyotype and one with a 46,XY,t(5;7)(q13;p15) karyotype. Each of the metaphases from a lung tumor had a 46,Y,inv(X)(p22.3q13) karyotype. We conclude that simple nonconstitutional balanced chromosome anomalies of 7p15 and 12q are common in cerebral hemangiopericytomas. It is possible that balanced anomalies of these chromosome regions are related to the pathogenesis of this tumor type.


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