Cytogenetic studies of Trifolium spp. Related to berseem

  title={Cytogenetic studies of Trifolium spp. Related to berseem},
  author={E. Putiyevsky and Judah Katznelson and Daniel Zohary},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
SummaryThe interspecific cytogenetic relationships among T. alexandrinum L., T. berytheum Boiss., T. salmoneum Mout., T. apertum Bobr., T. meironense Zoh. et Lern, and T. vavilovi Eig. were studied in several hundreds of intraspecific (WS) and interspecific (BS) F1 hybrids in all possible combinations, and in many of their progenies.Seed germination and development of F1 BS hybrids were normal, except in crosses involving T. vavilovi. Their pollen fertility and seed set was subnormal, with… CONTINUE READING

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