Cytogenetic studies of 1001 Down syndrome cases from Andhra Pradesh, India.

  title={Cytogenetic studies of 1001 Down syndrome cases from Andhra Pradesh, India.},
  author={Akka Jyothy and Kothapalli Sesha Durga Kumar and Guruju Naga Mallikarjuna Rao and Vundunti Babu Rao and Madhu V. Swarna and Bhavanam Uma Devi and Madireddy Sujatha and C. Kusuma Kumari and Penagaluru Pardhanandana Reddy},
  journal={The Indian journal of medical research},
Cytogenetic data obtained from investigating 1001 patients of Down syndrome (DS) and their parents over a period of 20 years (January 1979-January 1999) are presented. The frequency of pure trisomy, mosaicism and translocation was 87.92, 7.69 and 4.39 per cent respectively. The origin of the extra chromosome 21 due to meiotic non-disjunction was 79.24 per cent maternal and 20.76 per cent paternal. A high frequency of acrocentric chromosome associations was also observed in mothers of children… CONTINUE READING

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