Cytogenetic studies in patients with reproductive failure.

  title={Cytogenetic studies in patients with reproductive failure.},
  author={F{\"u}sun D{\"u}zcan and M{\"u}nevver Atmaca and Gokhan Ozan Cetin and H{\"u}seyin Bağci},
  journal={Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica},
  volume={82 1},
BACKGROUND Cytogenetic studies in patients with reproductive failure AIM To investigate the contribution of chromosomal abnormalities in sub fertility and in couples with repeated abortions. METHODS Hundred and 13 couples who had at least two or more spontaneous abortions and 65 women and 63 men with infertility were analyzed cytogenetically. RESULTS Major chromosomal rearrangements were found in 8% and minor variants in 6% in the study population. Major chromosomal aberrations were… CONTINUE READING


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