Cytogenetic findings in Serbian patients with Turner's syndrome stigmata.

  title={Cytogenetic findings in Serbian patients with Turner's syndrome stigmata.},
  author={Vladimir Djordjevic and Jelena Jovanovic and Sofija Pavkovi{\'c}-Lu{\vc}i{\'c} and Dunja Drakuli{\'c} and Marina Djurovic and Mirjana Gotic},
  journal={Genetics and molecular research : GMR},
  volume={9 4},
Cytogenetic findings are reported for 31 female patients with Turner's syndrome. Chromosome studies were made from lymphocyte cultures. Non-mosaicism 45,X was demonstrated in 15 of these patients, whereas only three were apparently mosaic. Eight patients showed non-mosaic and four patients showed mosaic structural aberrations of the X-chromosome. One non-mosaic case displayed a karyotype containing a small marker chromosome. Conventional cytogenetics was supplemented by fluorescence in situ… CONTINUE READING