Cytogenetic evidence for a chromosome 22 tumor suppressor gene in ependymoma.

  title={Cytogenetic evidence for a chromosome 22 tumor suppressor gene in ependymoma.},
  author={Stanislawa Weremowicz and William Joseph Kupsky and Cynthia C Morton and Jonathan Alfred Fletcher},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={61 2},
Although ependymomas comprise 5-10% of pediatric brain tumors, consistent cytogenetic aberrations have not been identified in these neoplasms. We report karyotypes for two ependymomas. A predominantly well-differentiated ependymoma contained several numerical chromosome aberrations, including monosomy 22. In contrast, an anaplastic ependymoma had a more complex karyotype that included loss of one chromosome 22 homologue and a balanced translocation at q13.3 in the remaining 22 homologue. These… CONTINUE READING

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