Cytogenetic characterization, frequency and distribution of rob t(1;29) in some Italian and Portuguese cattle breeds

  title={Cytogenetic characterization, frequency and distribution of rob t(1;29) in some Italian and Portuguese cattle breeds},
  author={Beth Bjerregaard and Henrik Westh and Hilary Jane Rose and Claes Lundsteen and R. Nezamzadeh and Jutta Habermann and Ren{\'e} Fries and Bertram Brenig and Andreas Sp{\"o}tter and Cord Dr{\"o}gem{\"u}ller and Hanneke Kuiper and Henning Hamann and Ottmar Distl and Heidi L. Schulz and Fikri Ali Rahman and F. M. Fadl El Moula and Jelena Stojic and Angela Gehrig and Bernhard H. F. Weber and Mami Shibusawa and Chizuko Nishida-Umehara and Masaoki Tsudzuki and Julio Masabanda and Darren Karl Griffin and Yosuke Matsuda and Karine Frenher Kavalco and Rubens Pazza and L.A.C. Bertollo and Orlando Moreira-Filho and G. Haberkern and Petra Regenhard and G. Ottzen-Schirakow and Ernst Kalm and Christian Looft and Ml Gjerstorff and Bj{\o}rn Dueholm and Christian Bendixen and Ulf Holmskov and Steen Laugesen Hansen and Xuli Wu and Miaojie Yu and Bing Liu and Martine Yerle and Sufen Zhao and Yu Fang Wang and Bei Lin Fan and Kui Li and Jim Beck and Ute Felbor and N. Kn{\"o}tgen and G. Schams and A. Buwe and Claus Steinlein and Matthias L. Schmid and Masahiro Nishibori and Yumei Shan and Saiyin Hexige and Z. Guo and B. N. Wan and Ke-long Chen and Xiangming Chen and Langlang Ma and C. Huang and L. D. Yu and Kesinee Gatphayak and Christophe Knorr and Linda Bylund and Soili Kyt{\"o}l{\"a} and W.-O. Lui and Christer Larsson and Gayle Weber and Raymond L. Stallings and President Carty and Linda McArdle and Marty Mullarkey and Marie-Louise Mcdermott and A. C. O’Meara and Edward C Ryan and David Catchpoole and Finn Breatnach and Paul S. Meltzer and J. M. Trent and Wilhelmina van den Hurk and G. Martens and Ad Geurts van Kessel and J. van Groningen and F. Mertens and Ioannis Panagopoulos and Tage Jonson and David Gisselsson and Mats Isaksson and Henryk A. Domanski and Nils Mandahl and Ramnik Sood and Patricia I. Bader and Marcy C. Speer and Yvonne H. Edwards and Erica M Eddings and R. T. Blair and Pq Hu and Mezbah U. Faruque and Chandan Morris Robbins and Hongxiang Zhang and Josef Leuders and Kelly Morrison and Donald A. Thompson and Pamela L Schwartzberg and Feng-bo Sun and Klara Trpkov and Alfred W. Rademaker and Emily Ko and Leslie W. Barclay and Monica M. Mikhaail-Philips and Richard Hugo Martin and Thue Bryndorf and Magnus Kirchhoff and Jason Larsen and Bo Christer Andreasson},

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