Cytogenetic analysis in chondrosarcoma

  title={Cytogenetic analysis in chondrosarcoma},
  author={T. Walter and J. Rieck and Peter M. Schlag and Carsten Zornig and Dieter Kurt Hossfeld},
  journal={Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology},
Deletions and translocations of human chromosome region 3p14 are considered to be involved in the development of various human malignancies, suggesting the existence of at least one tumor suppressor gene in human chromosome region 3p14. To analyze this region we constructed a YAC-contig from the distal region of 3p13 to the proximal part of 3p21. The contig contains a gap of unknown size in chromosome region 3p14.1. The distal part of the contig consists of 50 YACs and contains 4-5 Mbp of DNA… CONTINUE READING