Cytogenetic analyses in infertile men.

  title={Cytogenetic analyses in infertile men.},
  author={Jelena Lissitsina and Ruth Mikelsaar and Margus Punab},
  journal={Archives of andrology},
  volume={52 2},
In order to assess the significance of chromosome abnormalities and polymorphic chromosomal variants in male infertility, the results of cytogenetic studies of 90 patients (32 azoospermic and 58 oligozoospermic men) were compared with those of 30 control fertile men in Estonia. Total chromosome alterations were revealed in 47.8% of infertile men. Major chromosomal abnormalities had a 10-fold increase (13.4%) in infertile males (15.6% in azoospermics and 12% in oligozoospermics) compared to the… CONTINUE READING


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