Cytogenetic abnormalities and clonal evolution in an adult hepatoblastoma.

  title={Cytogenetic abnormalities and clonal evolution in an adult hepatoblastoma.},
  author={Luis Antonio Parada and Georgia Bardi and Magnus Hall{\'e}n and Inga H{\"a}gerstrand and Karl-G. Tranberg and Felix Mitelman and Bertil Johansson},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={21 11},
Hepatoblastomas usually occur in children < 3 years of age, and only occasional adult cases have been described. To date, 20 cytogenetically abnormal childhood hepatoblastomas have been reported. Karyotypic investigations have shown that most hepatoblastomas are diploid or hyperdiploid, often displaying trisomies for chromosomes 2 and 20. We have cytogenetically investigated an adult hepatoblastoma for which no previous karyotypic data exist. A hypertriploid stemline with multiple numerical and… CONTINUE READING

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