Cytochromeb gene of marine mammals: Phylogeny and evolution

  title={Cytochromeb gene of marine mammals: Phylogeny and evolution},
  author={David M. Irwin and {\'U}lfur {\'A}rnason},
  journal={Journal of Mammalian Evolution},
The DNA sequences of the mitochondrial cytochromeb gene of marine mammals (Cetacea, Pinnipedia, Sirenia) were compared with cytochromeb genes of terrestrial mammals including the semiaquatic hippopotamus. The comparison included 28 sequences, representing 22 families and 10 orders. The dugong (order Sirenia) sequence associated with that of the elephant, supporting the Tethytheria clade. The fin whale and dolphin (order Cetacea) sequences are more closely related to those of the artiodactyls… CONTINUE READING
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