Cytochrome oxidase subunit III gene from soybean mitochondria

  title={Cytochrome oxidase subunit III gene from soybean mitochondria},
  author={Elizabeth A. Grabau and Burle G. Gengenbach},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
The gene for cytochrome oxidase subunit III (coxIII) was isolated from a soybean mitochondrial D N A cosmid library [ 1 ] and subcloned for sequencing. The sequence of the soybean coxIII gene and flanking regions is presented in Figure 1. The gene consists of a 798 nucleotide open reading frame with 96 ~o homology to the sequence of the Oenothera coxIII gene [2]. Homology to the Oenothera 5' flanking region also extends for 216 nucleotides upstream from the putative translational initiation… CONTINUE READING

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