Cytochrome c is released in a single step during apoptosis

  title={Cytochrome c is released in a single step during apoptosis},
  author={Joshua C. Goldstein and Cristina Mu{\~n}oz-Pinedo and J E Ricci and Sergio Adams and Ameeta Kelekar and Mary A. Schuler and Roger Tsien and Douglas R Green},
  journal={Cell Death and Differentiation},
Release of cytochrome c from mitochondria is a central event in apoptotic signaling. In this study, we utilized a cytochrome c fusion that binds fluorescent biarsenical ligands (cytochrome c-4CYS (cyt. c-4CYS)) as well as cytochrome c-green fluorescent protein (cyt. c-GFP) to measure its release from mitochondria in different cell types during apoptosis. In single cells, the kinetics of cyt. c-4CYS release was indistinguishable from that of cyt. c-GFP in apoptotic cells expressing both… CONTINUE READING


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