Cytochrome P-450-dependent O-dealkylase activity in mammalian skin.


1 A modified technique for the measurement of O-dealkylase (ODA) activity in crude homogenates is reported, and its application to skin is described. 2 Large differences in ODA levels were found between different species, no activity being observed in the skin of primates. 3 Induction of cutaneous ODA in mice was achieved by the subcutaneous injection of phenobarbitone, hexachlorobenzene or 20-methylcholanthrene. 4 Attempts to induce ODA in vitro were unsuccessful.


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@article{Damen1982CytochromePO, title={Cytochrome P-450-dependent O-dealkylase activity in mammalian skin.}, author={Fred Damen and Paul D. Mier}, journal={British journal of pharmacology}, year={1982}, volume={75 1}, pages={123-7} }