Cytochrome C and caspase-9 expression in Huntington’s disease

  title={Cytochrome C and caspase-9 expression in Huntington’s disease},
  author={Tamara Kiechle and Alpaslan Dedeoglu and James K. Kubilus and Neil W. Kowall and Myron Flint Beal and Robert Max Friedlander and Steven M. Hersch and Robert Ferrante},
  journal={NeuroMolecular Medicine},
There is increasing evidence implicating apoptosis-mediated cell death in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. One important event in the apoptotic cascade is the release of cytochrome c by mitochondria into the cytoplasm, activating caspase-9, leading to the subsequent activation of downstream executioner caspases. In the present study, we examined the distribution of cytochrome c and caspase-9 in Huntington’s disease (HD) patients and in a transgenic model of HD (R6/2 line… CONTINUE READING