Cytochemische Untersuchungen an Puffs isolierter Speicheldrüsen-Chromosomen von Chironomus


Enzymatic digestion experiments on unfixed isolated salivary gland chromosomes of Chironomus tentans combined with specific staining reactions reveal that puffs and Balbiani rings contain a basic protein. This basic protein in the puffs and Balbiani rings differs in most respects from chromosomal histones but shows similarities with basic structural protein… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00330548


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@article{Lezzi2004CytochemischeUA, title={Cytochemische Untersuchungen an Puffs isolierter Speicheldr{\"u}sen-Chromosomen von Chironomus}, author={Dr. Markus Lezzi}, journal={Chromosoma}, year={2004}, volume={21}, pages={89-108} }