Cytoarchitectonic characterization of the parahippocampal region of the guinea pig.

  title={Cytoarchitectonic characterization of the parahippocampal region of the guinea pig.},
  author={Laura Uva and Sebastiaan Gr{\"u}schke and Gerardo Biella and Marco de Curtis and Menno P Witter},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={474 2},
The cytoarchitectonic features of the parahippocampal region (PHR) in the guinea pig are described, based on coronal, horizontal, and sagittal 50-microm sections stained for Nissl substance, zinc, parvalbumin, or calbindin. We differentiate between perirhinal (PRC), postrhinal (POR), and entorhinal (ERC) cortices. PRC is divided into areas 35 and 36 occupying the fundus and the dorsal bank of the rhinal fissure, respectively. POR is located caudal to the PRC. POR and area 36 show a dense… CONTINUE READING


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