Cytauxzoonosis in bobcats.

  title={Cytauxzoonosis in bobcats.},
  author={B L Glenn and A. Alan Kocan and Edmour F. Blouin},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={183 11},
Blood from 4 wild-trapped bobcats (Lynx rufus rufus) with naturally occurring infection by an intraerythrocytic piroplasm morphologically indistinguishable from the piroplasm form of Cytauxzoon felis was inoculated parenterally into domestic cats. None of the bobcats had signs of disease at the time of capture or subsequently, but all remained parasitemic. Erythroparasitemia developed in all 4 of the domestic cats inoculated with parasitemic bobcat blood. One of the domestic cats later died and… CONTINUE READING

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